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First Choice Homes Logo SmallFirst Choice Homes, L.L.C. is a locally owned home building and contracting business, founded in 2001, that provides excellent workmanship, superior products, and prompt professional customer service. We have the necessary General Contractor credentials, and we maintain current Liability insurance, business’ licenses, and our crews have Worker’s Compensation. In addition to roofing, we also service and install gutters, windows, siding and any home construction related product.

We specialize in working closely with the insurance industry, and we have successfully resolved hundreds of storm and natural disaster claims. We currently serve our existing customer base in Northern Georgia, Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. Our product knowledge, construction skill, and professionalism make us stand out from most of our competitors in this industry. Our customers all know us by name, and we have a proven track record of integrity and trust. SAMSUNG

We at First Choice Homes, L.L.C. pride ourselves in performing very through roof and property inspections to determine whether valid Insurance claims should be filed. We do not charge for this service, however, we are in business to generate a financial means to provide for our families. In performing these free inspections, we want to prove to you that when we are successful in getting your storm damage claim approved, we honestly expect to earn the right to perform the scope of work that follows. If we are not successful in getting your claim approved, then you owe us absolutely nothing in return for our inspection and filing services. We know that you will be satisfied with our results. We have hundreds of local references that can attest to our abilities.

Our first hand experience and knowledge comes from working with Insurance adjusters on a daily basis. We know exactly what they are looking for with regards to storm damage from wind and hail. Once we complete our physical inspection of your property, we can very confidently assist you with filing your claim, meeting with the adjuster for his inspection, and gaining approval in the vast majority of our efforts (70 to 80% effective) as a general rule.

You can also trust us to build a quality roof and handle all the other damaged areas of your home. We regularly perform interior repairs (sheetrock, insulation, paint, trim, carpet, flooring, cabinetry, etc) as well as exterior (roofing, siding, soffit, fascia, trim, chimneys and shrouds, crickets, framing, gutters, downspouts, painting, etc.). We work to “maximize” your claim dollars by acting on your behalf as your representative in dealing and negotiating with your insurance company’s representatives (field adjusters primarily). From our experience, we know that there is both, a combination of Art and Science in this process. We have both, the expertise and experience in making your claims more rewarding. Your will be glad you involved us in the process.


First Choice Homes Crew

[img src=]2600Valvoline Project North and South Carolina
[img src=]1260Building Roof In Turtle Creek Dacula GA
[img src=]1460Clubhouse Crew
[img src=]1090Clubhouse finished
[img src=]910Clubhouse Tennis
[img src=]750Historic Preservation Project Atlanta GA
[img src=]830Lighting Strike Repair
[img src=]780Certainteed Black WIth Black Gutters Atlanta
[img src=]640Completed Roofing Job Hamilton Mill Dacula
[img src=]590Concrete job
[img src=]510Roofing Job Well Done With Rope and Harness
[img src=]530Building a Porch at St Ives Country Club
[img src=]600The Clubhouse Finidhed Project
[img src=]600The Crew


We build top quality replacement or new roofing projects using the finest materials from the four following MAJOR manufacturers:

Please keep in mind that our Company specializes in replacing roofs that are damaged by storms, and Insurance companies only pay for “like-kind” replacement products. All products that are upgraded will not be paid for with insurance funds. Example: When homes have 3 tab residential asphalt roofing, and the owner wants to replace that roof with a limited architectural shingle product, the upgrade will not be covered with the funds from the insurance claim. Those upgraded products are considered as negotiated items between the Owner and the Contractor. Please contact us for a detailed explanation on how we can assist you in obtaining your desired upgrade.


GAF (3-Tab 25, Timberline Lifetime, Designer)

GAF manufactures its own line of shingles and also manufactures under ELK name, a Canadian manufacturer it purchased. It is well known among homeowners, is very competitively priced and offers extensive support programs to assist contractors in selling its products. Site has product specifications under two sections – material for homeowners and material for contractors/suppliers. Home Depot stocks GAF products.

Certain Teed Corporation (traditional, Designer, Premium, Luxury)

Provides material for builders and contractors based on their location – since product availability varies by region. Shows small color swatches and price legends for a wide range of steep slope roof products including its full line of asphalt/organic shingles.

Owens Corning (Supreme 25, Duration Lifetime, Designer & Premium)

Its product are, like the two manufacturer above, just one element of a long line of residential building products, but in the case of Owens Corning, the market share is less dominant than its insulation products and some other lines. Still, Owens Corning, offers a fairly wide range of products and a competitive set of builder/contractor support programs.

Tamko Building Products (Laminated Asphalt 25, Heritage)

Tamko is more of a specialist in roofing materials other than asphalt but produces a line of asphalt shingles as well.