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First Choice Homes Wins Bid to Restore the Apalachee Farms Clubhouse in Dacula

First Choice Homes Wins Bid to Restore the Apalachee Farms Clubhouse in Dacula

( May 6, 2013 — First Choice HomesChris Collins, owner of First Choice Homes won the bid to restore the Apalachee Farms Clubhouse including the rest house and tennis facility. Situated at Dacula Road by the golf course first tee, the clubhouse serves as the community pool’s background.

In an interview, Collins said the clubhouse project will go a long towards giving the entire area a total makeover. According to Chris, “we had no idea what the other bidders were doing. We just did some measuring about the project and just hoped that our reputation would help us.”

Chris Collins definitely has a right to feel confident about the reputation of First Choice Homes, as it has proven itself time and again capable of delivering. The company has created 16 re-roofs in the community alone and more than a thousand in the area. In addition, the company has built 2 custom decks and nearly two dozen building projects.

To better serve the community, Chris Collins of Dacula has come out with a new website called The website contains information about Collins himself as well as information about First Choice Homes.

At Collins’ new website you will learn about the areas they specialize in such as gutter installation and service, custom homes and other types of construction services. Besides these, Collins’ website has a link to his First Choice Roof Systems, where you can avail of services such as flooring, windows, insulation and cabinetry.

Apart from providing a wide variety of services, the company also maintains business’ licenses and liability insurance and their services adhere to the standards set in the US, ensuring that regardless of what you choose, you will be able to get high quality service.

Apart from providing information about his company and the services they render, the new site also has pertinent facts about Collins himself. Apart from being in the homebuilding business for nearly 15 years, Collins has also ventured into the business of insurance restoration. Since embarking in this business in 2008 he has completed more than 2,000 flood, fire and storm damage projects. As a testament to Collins’ business savvy and ability to deliver, his business has expanded to Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina.

The reputation of Collins and his company in the community is well known and his reputation for providing top of the line services is second to none. Given these facts, it is certain that the Apalachee Farms Clubhouse is in good hands.


First Choice Homes is a contracting and home building company that is recognized for its highly efficient customer service and workmanship. Owned and managed by Chris Collins, they also offer roofing and other construction services. For more information please visit

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Author: Chris Collins
Company Name: First Choice Homes, LLC
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Chris Collins Chosen To Re-Roof Several North and South Carolina Valvoline Stations

Chris Collins Chosen To Re-Roof Several North and South Carolina Valvoline Stations( May 6, 2013 — The bidding for the re-roofing of Valvoline stations in South and North Carolina has just been concluded and Chris Collins, owner of First Choice Homes, GA was chosen as the contractor. While this is undoubtedly a large undertaking, he is very excited about the project. According to Collins, “The majority of our business in Atlanta, Georgia has focused mainly on residential, but we are very thrilled with the Valvoline opportunity.”Although the Chris Collins Valvoline project is a commercial one, it actually serves as a reflection of the type of storm damage works that the company has undertaken. However, it is not just the reputation of First Choice Homes that led to the success of the Valvoline project, as Collins also credits Chip and Chard Knight for the success of both North and South Carolina projects. Chip and Chad Knight are First Choice Homes franchise holders and have worked closely with Collins not just in the Valvoline project but other ones.

Besides the North and South Carolina projects, Collins has also created a new website, This website itself provides personal information about Collins himself, news about him in the media, and his involvement in the community. In addition, his website includes links to his businesses, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. For those who are not familiar with his work, the site has information about his company, the type of services they provide as well as images of his highly trained crew and personnel at work.

Collins is well known for First Choice Roofing Systems, his roofing service, but as his new website shows, he has ventured into other areas too. While he has been in the homebuilding business for almost 15 years, his company is also involved in fire and flood projects and thousands of storm projects. He initially set up the restoration business to earn additional income, but the business has exceeded even his greatest expectations.

Collins’ success, as noted in his new website, has led to the opening of new offices in Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina. As Collins himself admits, the major reason for his success was his involvement in various development and building projects from 2000 to 2005. During this period he worked with several of the finest builders in Atlanta, and this helped him immensely.

With the Valvoline project in hand, along with his new website, Chris Collins of Atlanta is confident that First Choice Homes will continue to be at the forefront when it comes to providing top of the line and first rate construction services.

About First Choice Homes

First Choice Homes is a company that specializes in a variety of construction services such as custom and concept homes roofing and a host of other related services. For more information you can visit Chris Collins’ Website.

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Author: Chris Collins
Company Name: First Choice Homes, LLC
Contact Address: 535 River Valley Drive, Dacula, GA
Phone: (678) 773 – 0717

Small Soccer Player Has Big and Determined Heart

Emma Grace Collins never lets anything slow her down.

By Jenn Harris


Emma Grace Collins, Kaylin Harris, Aubrey Harper and Lydia Johnson

Emma Grace Collins may be small, and she may not be quite as fast as the other girls, but she plays soccer with a determined spirit and a big heart.

Collins plays for the Dacula Soccer Club on the U7 Harris Team. The team is also known as the Dragonflies. This is a name that the girls gave themselves and it fits. Like a dragonfly, Collins and her teammates are simply beautiful to watch.

Coach Ryan Harris describes Collins as an amazing little player.

She always gives great effort and never lets anything slow her down,” Harris said. “I am amazed every time I see her on the field.”

Collins got her first assist this past week, and continues to improve on offence. But defense is where she plays with determination and passion. Her nickname is “The Wall.”

“In her first game as goalie she made some great saves and got the ball to her teammates quickly which led to several scoring runs,” Harris said.

It is quite amazing to see all of this determination and confidence in Collins out on the field especially given what Collins has been through in her six short years.

This past summer Collins had surgery number 34. Her first 33 came before she was three years old. She was born with right hip dysplasia and her right foot was “clubbed.” She had feeding issues, and was in the NICU for 17 days. Her first surgery was when she was three months old. The doctors informed her parents that she might never walk, talk or eat. But amazingly, she did.

“I asked God if he would just make her walk, talk and eat, that I would never tell her to be quiet, sit down, or deny her a second helping of food,” Collins’ mom Terri said.

When Collins was four years old, they found out her pelvis is actually lower on her right side which creates a leg discrepancy. Her right leg is 1.6 cm longer. She wears braces and a lift that improves her gait 100 percent. As she gets older it may get better, but they will have to wait and see.

“She has endured everything like a champ,” her mom said proudly. “She is my hero, and I am amazed by her each and every day!”

Her parents rarely tell her story. They believe that she is so much more, and do not want her to be defined by the problems that she has had to face.

“We never want what she’s endured to give her an excuse to quit, give up or have people feel sorry for her or us,” Terri said.

With her awesome attitude and passion to play, there is not a single girl or parent on the team that could feel sorry for Collins. She actually inspires them to play with the same determination she brings to the field. Collins and her teammates play together as a team, and always look out for each other. Her teammates know that she has their back when she plays goalie, and in return they have her back when Collins is on offense.

“I got a little teary on Saturday when coach Harris and the girls were trying to help Emma Grace score a goal,” her mom said. “It was so sweet of everyone wanting to help her. I want it for her so badly too, but then I look at her and think … as she’s smiling and running her funny little run, ‘They told us she would never walk’ and watching her run on the field, having fun with her team, well, it’s enough!”

It won’t be long before she does score her first goal. Collins is determined and will never give up.

“I look forward to every practice and game and Emma Grace is a big part of that,” Harris said. “Her teammates love her and she is a joy to be around.  I can’t wait to see her score her first goal.”

Player Stats: 2 assists. Great defense and mid field. Excels at Goalie

Player Achievements: Awesome Goalie. Earned the nickname “The Wall.”

Upcoming Games: Every Saturday at Rabbit Hill Soccer Field #10

For more information on Collins and the Dacula Soccer Club, visit their website.